3rd of March


Transfer from Airport  to Ibis Hotel

Transfer from Bus Station Katowice to Ibis Hotel- Latvian team

Transfer from Airport to Ibis Hotel

-          Bulgarian team

-          Turkey and Italian team



4th of March

9.30 Welcome and introduction of our school


10.00 Students’ perfermence


10.30 Building Comenius logo


11.30 Coffe Break

12.00  Sign language – Workshops  prepared by our deaf teacher

13.00 Meeting with Mayor of Zabrze, Visiting Town Hall

14.00 Traditional lunch prepared by our students and teachers

15.00-16.30 Project work

- Presentation of educational system of Poland

- Presentation of our town Zabrze

- Presentation of WIKI web page;

- Presentation of Project’ songs


- Sightseeing tour in Zabrze

19.00  Welcome dinner in restaurant VaBank










5 th of March


Voyage to Brenna and Żywiec


10.30- 13. 30 Project work -Visiting historical and natural places of Brenna and Żywiec

- Workshops- Bread cottage - how to make traditional polish bread, the rules and recipes

13.00 Lunch- tasting handmade breads

15.00-17.00 Project work

Visiting the Museum of Żywiec Brewery

19.00 Dinner in restaurant Karczma Rogata

22.00-23.00 Voyage back to hotel




6th of March

9.00 - 11.00

Voyage to Cracow

11.00-14.30 Project work- Visiting historical, natural and cultural places of Cracow

- Sightseeing tour in Cracow; walk around the Cracow Main Square, St Marys Church, The Cloth Hall

- The Kazimierz District (jewish town)

- Visiting Wawel Royal Castle, Wawel Cathedral, The Barbican, The Floriańska Gate,

15.00 Lunch


15.00-17.00 free time in Cracow

18.00-20.00 Voage to Zabrze

20.30  Dinner in restaurant Impresja




7th of March

10.00- 12.30 Project work
- Visiting Guido Mine in Zabrze, 320 levels under ground


13.00-14.00 Project work- Visiting historical, natural  and cultural places of Zabrze

- Visiting Museum of Mining Industry

14.00 Lunch in restaurant Weranda

15.00-16.00 Workshop- Developing students and teachers skills of evaluating and disseminating

16.00-19.00 Free time

19.00 Leave-taking dinner in local restaurant Pod kasztanami



              8th of March


7.3 0


Transfer from Ibis hotel to Airport (Bulagrian team)

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